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imageHello, hello! 
So sorry for the delayed in posts! I’m in the good ole US of A, ever-so enjoying my time with family friends and the Finn. 

It’s been a nonstop whirlwind of adventures. 

So please forgive me as I’m MIA this summer. I’ll be actively Instagramming, so see what I’m doing here

Have a lovely summer! 


There aren’t that many places which I can say, “chez moi is bigger”….Boot Café is one of the exceptions. 

Same owners have Fondation, another teeny-tiny coffeeshop. 

How tiny? 

4m2. Crazy, but charming.

I can’t help but think of the nursery rhyme of the little old lady who lived in a shoe with boot café. 

Keeping to the former facade of a cordonnerie (habadashry), this is great coffee with a close friend to get a quick pick me up!  Their coffee has a complexity to it. Its one of the better coffees in Paris, because of its originality.   

Boot Café
19 Rue du Pont aux Choux  75005
lun - dim
10:00 - 18:00
M: Saint-Sébastien-Froissart  or Oberkampf 

Le Cocktail

Paris is [finally] cocktail crazed.  Usually I order wine; but with these curious concoctions; maybe I’ll have one before dinner ;-) 


Le Mary Celeste 

In the Marais, and has sister locations poping up all over Paris. LMC is still my favorite.  


Le Schmuck
75006-chic with a price tag. 


Shake n’ Smash

République-wins the prize of most decorated cocktail. Also has multiple leglamps.

Happy drinking! Where do you like to have a cocktail?  


Measuring by square meters, Paris a tiny city. Population wise, it’s massive. 

Paris is a dense city. How so? Three restaurants that are on a single street, are trendiest lunch spots in the city. Crazy right? Good for les gourmands like my friends and I! 


Remember this story about Holybelly? Well, being vegetarian,  the lovely Jasmine suggested we’d try Tuckshop. 


It’s delis.

We had great luck on the weather that day so we lunched outside. However, right next door is Bob’s Juice Bar, and after hours of munching and chatting, we had juice envy…so well we hopped over to get a glass! 


It was a lovely afternoon. 


And man, what I would do for a comté and pear sandwich with a view! 


3 Rue Lucien Sampaix
75010 Paris

M: Closed
T-F: 9H30 am – 5:00 pm
S & S: 11H-19H

La fête de la musique.

This music festival celebrated allover France is a countrywide block party on the first day of summer. 


Being the capital, Paris goes nuts. Everyone and their beau-frère is out in the city. It’s completely packed. 

I made the mistake of going to a supermarché at 21h00. It was as if I was back in Kansas the night before a snowstorm that would hit! It took a long time to checkout. 

Nonetheless, walking home, each block had a band from classical, to rock, to jazz to reggae to dulcimer playing! 

As I made my chocolat au fondant, I had my balcony window open to hear jazz playing from the corner café. I enjoyed my night with rosê and cider on the canal. 

COFFEE TALK: Café Loustic

Paris and their coffee. Thanks to The Finn, I’ve become a coffee snob…or shall I say coffee connoisseur.  I’m always seeking new coffee shops. Although this post is about a coffee shop, It’s about their birthday party which Danielle, Tricia and I stumbled upon! 

Café Loustic is a charming extremely retro coffeeshop on a tiny street in the Marais, tucked between wholesale boutiques. Which on a side-note: I don’t like these shops here…these shops are so cute but I’m not allowed to buy anything, since I don’t own a boutique!  

Anyway, so this past March, Loustic celebrated their 1st birthday by giving away free Emperor Norton cookies and Sugar Daze Cupcakes! What a day to come!!! And in case you were wondering, yes we did sing Happy Birthday! 

It’s a great vibey place with friendly workers! Great wifi (not on weekends) and sometimes they play old black and white movies. Oh and the coffee? Really good! Read more about this exciting day here

40 rue Chapon,
75003 Paris
Métro: Arts et Métiers (lines 3, 11); Rambuteau (line 11)
lun - ven08:00 - 18:00
sam09:00 - 18:00
dim10:00 - 18:00

Very Happy Hours in Paris

Normally I stick to a wine diet when in France. In general, their wine is superior to really any other country. 


However, Paris is catching on to “happy hour” or comme le  françaises disent, Happy Hours.  Here you can get cocktails and beers (not wine) for around 5 euros (beer 3,50). Not a bad deal.


Most restaurations are starting to have one.  And will go until 8-9pm! Often, une coupe de champagne is also included in the list of happy hour beverages. And their mojitos hit the spot on a sunny evening. 


So cheers and drink up! 


Every Friday, I am fortunate to have lunch with the dearest people I know in Paris. 

Claus is a charming English style bakery and spice merchant.  Where there’s so many sweet cakes on display, just for you. 

The location is in the first, on a tiny rue. dining is upstairs, away from the cakes. There’s no outside seating, although the windows are fun to look out…this is a great brunch for the grey winter days. 

I was happy to find that they use café coutume beans. CC is slowly taking over Paris!

Then we had the lovely Tricia give us a concert!  Brava! 


14 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
75001 Paris

lun - ven08:00 - 17:00
sam - dim09:30 - 17:00
Métro : Louvre-Rivoli (1)

WHAT TO DO IN PARIS | week of June 14

                               Looking for something to do this week? Let me help! 


Here are some amazing things that are going on presented by some pretty talented friends of mine!


                                           Hope to see you at these events! 

COFFEE TALK: DOSE - Dealer de café

My marché is on Rue Mouffetard on Tuesdays and Sundays. On a not-so-busy day, I saw this cute coffeeshop. Then a few weeks later, their Instagram started to like my Instagram (such a love story)! 

So I decided to see my new neighbors with Melissa and Tricia.  That’s the great thing about Instagram: it connects communities.  

It was love at first sip. Good coffee, charming atmosphere, and great workspace with wifi and outlets. Like seriously, this place has the more holes in it than a woolen sweater that was attacked by a hungry moth!  

There lunch looks scrumptious, I’ll defiantly be back! Also, read more about it here! 

73 rue Mouffetard 
75005 Paris

lun - ven
09:00 - 19:00

sam - dim10:30 - 19:00

Everything is coming up roses in Pairs

This is the time for rose bushes in Paris. 


They are everywhere Paris. And Parisians are obsessed with English Roses and David Austin. I have learned so much about the different varieties.  Oh the French! 


Just check out Palais Royal. 


Aren’t they beautiful? My favorite rose is Gertrude Jekyll.  Their smell are incomparable!  


There’re also roses at La Vie Romantique. 


Or as you’re walking around, and stumble on someone’s private garden! 


So take sometime this month and stop to smell the roses! 


 Sometimes, you don’t need your rose colored glasses in Paris. That’s how lovely life can be here! 

Pierre Hermé Brunch

The fabulous Faye hosted the perfect Pierre Hermé brunch. What a perfect combination: friends and Pierre Hermé. 


Her apartment is the ideal Parisian apartment: from the crown molding on the walls and ceiling, crystals light fixtures to the view of the Eiffel Tower.


See made a lovely fruit salad and this slice of Heaven waiting for us.


It was very hard to wait for the others, when this perfect viennoiserie is on your plate!  


It was the perfect Sunday spent with the sun beaming, girls chatter and laughter, and of course Pierre’s pastries! La vie est belle n’est pas? 


Thank you so much Faye, for such a lovely afternoon! 

Remembering the Remembered.

I took my annual trip to Normandy this weekend. Here is a little insight of last year’s fun:


Memorial Day
Just like the Movies. 

I’ll be posting about this year’s amazing adventures later this summer. 

PARIS LATELY: Life in the 75005

May has graced us with sunshine and warm, warm weather [when not raining].  image

So you know what that means? Grab the chilled rosé, hit up your marché for fruit and cheese and your boulangerie and head over your your park. 


Fortunately for me, the closest park to chez moi, is Jardin de Luxembourg. And I have been loving all the impromptus picnics here.  


Yum. Where do you like to picnic in Paris?

LADIES WHO LUNCH: Sadaharu Aoki Tearoom

Every Friday, I am fortunate to have lunch with the dearest people I know in Paris. 

I was happy to find out that our goûter would be at Sadaharu Aoki.  This patisserie has my favorite sweet of all time.  

Their location near Port-Royal has a place where you can sit, enjoy your sweet with a cup of tea or coffee with your friends. 

I’m turning more Finnish each day…I geek out about moss art. It’s it just beautiful? 

Well the girls, decided to be more adventurous than me, as I took my usual. Tricia got a carmel tarte with matcha on top. Very creative M. Aoki!

They have their own version of an ispahan and many pastries with sesame. Their lemon tarte, which I went back for later (please don’t judge!) had the perfect tangy-sweet combo.  So if for take-away for ˆsur place go to this location of SA: 

56 Boulevard de Port-Royal, 75005 Paris
Open: 7 days aweek 10h00-19h00 (18h00 Sundays)

Bon appétit! 

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